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Booklist for School year 2020/2021

3rd/4th Class


In order to significantly cut down on the cost of buying books, we are again running the
school book rental service. We have received a lot of very positive feedback from
parents on the book rental scheme. There is a fee, but this is used to renew books, to
purchase new sets of books and to maintain sets that we already have. We would ask
for your co-operation in the maintenance of these books throughout the year. Book
rental fees may be paid in September and all books (from book rental scheme) must be
returned. Please cover all books and copies and label all items of clothing.

To be bought by parents:
Master your maths 3rd/4th (CJ Fallon) €9.65
Mrs Murphy Handwriting (Cursive style) 3rd /4th €4.50
Spellcheck (Edco) 3rd/4th €6.90
Tables Champion 3rd/4th €3.95
Just Maps 3 (We all do 3rd class book) €4.50
Fallons Homework diary
Fallons tables book

Children will also need:
2 A5 Hardback copies (one of these is your SESE you take on to next class)
2 maths copies (C3)
6 x copies (88 page)
1 x 40 page copy For Grow in Love
Pritt stick, scissors, a clock (€1.50 Mr Price). All pupils must have their own… HSE Guidelines)
Red & blue Bic biro, 2 pencils, rubber, ruler, sharpener & colours

A4 Mesh folder & pocket folder for sheets in class.
If you have an English dictionary and atlas at home bring it in.

The following books are provided by the school book rental:
Irish Bua na Cainte & reader & spelling book
English new Rainbow book
SESE books (history, geography & science)
Busy at maths 3 and 4
Grow in Love 4
Novels in both languages will be provided

To be paid to school in September:
Book Rental to cover all books €40
Art & Craft €20
Photocopying/ Site License €16
Pupil Personal Accident Insurance (24 hour cover) €9
Total €85

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