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Booklist for School year 2020/2021

Junior Infants


Junior Infants

Gaeilge :

Bua Na Cainte B Senior Infants, Edco (We rotate between Junior and
Senior each year)

English :

Jolly Phonics Pupil Book 1 (hard cover only)
Handwriting : Mrs Murphy Making Learning Fun Junior Infants pre-cursive copies (3 in pack)

Maths :

Planet Maths for Junior Infants (+ Planet Maths number practice book
included), Folens

S.E.S.E. :

Explorers SESE workbook , Folens , Junior Infants

Religion :

Grow In Love workbook for Junior Infants Primary 2, Veritas


  • 1 A3 Art portfolio

  • 1 Standard copy,1 Blank copy , 1 Junior copy

  • 2 Project copies (top blank with lines underneath)

  • 2 Plastic A4 mesh folders

  • 1 A4 scrapbook

  • 3 Hand-hugger pencils , chubby crayons , eraser , parer ,

  • 1 Pritt stick , pencil case

It is advisable to buy the schoolbooks first so that the size of the schoolbag is suitable for the books.

Art & Craft / Photocopying : €30
Pupil Personal Accident Insurance : €9
English readers (provided by Rental Scheme) : €10

To be paid in September in an envelope with your child’s name on the front.
Please label and cover all books and copies
Please label all sweaters and belongings.

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